2017 Summer Race Series

Sad to report that last Wednesday was the final race of the series, but pleased to announce another season with zero injury accidents. 

This week previous winners of the B-race John Wurts and Joel Poliskey (Athletes On Track) went head to head for most of the race with John just taking the final sprint.  This year 80 different riders competed in the B-race with an average of 30 in each race.

The A-race also saw two riders breakaway after the second intermediate sprint.  Benny Cook (Base Media Racing) worked with Rick Wetherald (Athletes On Track) to stay away from the chasing groups.  With Benny taking the win this week, but the 9 points Rick earnt as runner up secured him third place in the overall series.  Christian Eckart (Base Media Racing) out sprinted Jason Hess (Kinetic Kitness) at the front of the pack.  This ensured that Christian would also take the points series title ahead of Jason in second place overall.  A total of 80 different riders entered the A-race series this year with 39 average per race.


Congratulations to the 2017 A-race series podium of 1st Christian Eckart (center), 2nd Jason Hess (left), 3rd Rick Wetherald (right). 

Results have been posted to USA Cycling, or you can click on the below links to view my copy and the complete points list for the A-series.


Many thanks to Tracey for refereeing the series and to all the racers who made her job easy (no incidents, no reports, no accidents)!  A big shout out must go the registration girls Lyn & Janet because without them the event could not be held.  

We hope to see you all again next year at Waterford Hills for the Saturday Spring races and the 10th season of the Wednesday Night Worlds.






Race results

week 1 (May 10th), week 2 (May 24th), week 3 (June 7th), week 4 (June 21st), 

week 5 (July 12th), week 6 (July 19th), week7 (August 2nd), week8 (August 16th),

2017 A-race Points Series



2016 Summer Race Series Results

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2015 Summer Race Series Results

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2014 Summer Race Series Results: 

week 1 (May 7th), week 2 (May 21st),  week 3 (June 4th),  week 5 (July 2nd),  week 6 (July 16th),  week 7 (July 30th), week 8 (Aug 13th)

Click on this link to view the final standings in the A-race series.


2013 Summer Race Series Results

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 Final series standings list                               


2012 Summer Race Series Results 

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Final A & B series standings