2018 Summer Race Series (a.k.a. Wednesday Night World's)

June 6th was another race night with perfect weather conditions and no accidents.

34 started the B-race with 24 of them staying together until the last lap.  Top 10 racers finished within 1 second of each other with Mike Benetti taking the mass sprint just ahead of Marc Walters (RBS).

The A-race was fast, with Sam Junge & Brendan Sullivan making several breaks separately & together.  The pack then chased them down each time, usually led by Alexey Vermeulen = which resulted in an average race speed of 27.6mph!  At the finish sprint Luke Mullis (Bissell)was just ahead of Jason Hess (Kinetic Fitness).

Results are now posted to USA Cycling or you can click-on the below link to view my list.

Two announcements

1) June 20th Wednesday race will be a points race, click on link to see details of format

2) June 19th FRCC will hold a 5 lap time trial (7 miles) at Waterford circuit.  Scheduled to start at 6:30pm with free entry.  I hope to record it on the I-pad (so pin your bib number on), if not please bring a self timing device.


Pete Newbury   (PeteNewbury56@gmail.com)


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